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4-Step Fajitas

Happy Fajita Friday!

This is not a crockpot recipe, but it is still simple, easy, and only 4 steps.
I am a self-proclaimed guacamole-master so I have included that recipe near the bottom; as well as the taco seasoning I have created and been using for meal prep and quick seasoning when necessary.

– 2 Chicken Breasts (thinly sliced and seasoned with DIY taco seasoning)**
– Taco Seasoning**
– Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Yellow Peppers
– White or Yellow Onion
– Avocado**
– Cheese
– Black Beans

1. Heat wok or large skillet to high heat, dash of olive oil. Toss in seasoned chicken and allow to cook until hardly any pink is showing (7-9 minutes)
2. Toss in onions and peppers and cook until onion and peppers are crispy and golden (5-6 minutes)
3. Toss in beans. Mix well and continue cooking
4. Remove from heat and plate alongside tortillas or tortilla chips. Top with cheese and serve with avocado (or guacamole)

I have included all the added zest here:
**Taco Seasoning:
– Chili Powder
– Garlic Powder
– Onion Powder
– Red Pepper Flakes
– Paprika
– Cumin
– Salt/Pepper (to taste)
– In a small bowl, mash 2-3 avocados in a bowl. Add 1/4 tsp. garlic salt, 1/4 tsp. onion powder, dash of salt and pepper. Mix well. Then add 1/4 diced tomato and 1/4 diced, roasted onion (I used some from the fajita mix). Mix well. Top with red pepper flakes (if preferred) and squeeze of lemon juice (or lime juice. Lemon is refreshing and adds a pinch of sweet; lime is tangy and adds a sour kick)

Also, another great addition is to cook the chicken and ingredients in salsa or add salsa to the finished meal.

I hope you enjoy your Friday fajitas as much as we did! For an added bonus, my sister topped some tortilla chips with the fajita mix for some fajita nachos and was just as pleased.

You can also use the recipe as meal prep to eat throughout the week. It warms up well (just add extra salsa/seasoning if desired and don’t add avocado before warming up).

Enjoy your Friday fiesta fajitas (or new go-to meal prep)!


Author: Claire Elizabeth

My name is Claire Elizabeth and welcome to my lemon zest life! It all started back in 2015 when I began creating healthy recipes to support my busy lifestyle between the gym, full-time work, and full-time university. Four years later I have updated my healthy recipes but am still living that busy lifestyle. This is catered for the full-time employees, students, parents, and everyone in between that lives a lemon zest life, like me. xo.🍋 ​

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