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5 Things About Me (Professionally)

Hey there, as most of you all know by now…I’m Claire 🤩
But as I have undertaken quite a lot of GROWTH lately (hey all you new zesties).
I thought it appropriate to re-introduce myself to the blog as I am also going to start including more about my professional life and aspirations in my lifestyle section every Wednesday! Thinking about doing a bit of a ‘Working from Home Wednesday’ type of thing.

So let’s get started: 5 Things About Me (Professionally)

ONE – I take my journal and laptop with me EVERYWHERE

Right now I am using Best Self Co. SELF Journal – this is the 2nd time I have used it and I still come back to it! For the price ($31) and using my code, CLAIRELIZ, for an additional 15% off all orders, it’s so worth it. It comes with a daily page, a weekly overview, a 13-week roadmap to success, and a habit tracker. It is the ideal product to stay focused on those 90-day goals and make progress and growth in life.
I take my laptop everywhere just in case something comes up last minute (which happens when I work for clients in the States). I have an Apple Macbook Pro that I splurged on in 2018 and have zero regrets!! Best splurge purchase ever! It does everything I need it to do, quickly, with tons of storage and it connects to my iPhone so I can quickly do things between both, if needed.

TWO – I LOVE working (so quarantine and relocating is a true test of self-love/admiration)

Prior to moving to Australia and COVID, etc. I always worked. My first job ever was working with liquid nitrogen ice cream in my hometown. I was 17 and loved that job! I got to make ice cream, I got to try new flavours, and literally nobody is ever mad or upset when they get ice cream so customer service was always friendly. I just liked being busy.

In her book, Untamed, Glennon Doyle talks about how we, as women especially, tend to feel respected and appreciated when we are busy and that when we rest, it might make us feel like we don’t deserve that same respect and appreciation because we aren’t that busy. As someone who has always worked and has now struggled with finding consistent work (due to visa situations, not a me situation), I tend to place my value and self-admiration into whatever job I have at the moment…or don’t have at the moment. I let my professional position define me and bring me value. I have definitely had to learn to readjust this mindset and remind myself that I am still worthy even in the waiting. Your job shouldn’t define who you are and whether or not you work should not determine your happiness or self-worth. Despite it taking me a moment to remember that, I am still working on placing my value elsewhere and learning how to bring value to the table even when I’m not working or as busy.

THREE – I have a passion for all things health + wellness + fitness and I ultimately want to (somehow) incorporate this into my work

My parents made sure I was always in a sport; I tried: T-Ball (no thanks), dancing (what is GRACEFUL), softball (ugh, no), and finally soccer (yeah, that’s the one). In high school I did soccer and completed a season of track-and-field as a 400 m sprinter…it only lasted the one season. After my soccer career was over after high school (I couldn’t work and play soccer full-time), I really struggled finding my next ‘thing.’ I loved being active so I started in the gym, weight-lifting only. Until I pulled a muscle in my back…then went to more pilates/yoga-based workouts until I was ‘healed.’ Then tried weight-lifting again and did the same thing…again. My doctor really said: “you won’t die if you don’t weightlift” okay, not to be dramatic but I literally thought I would die if I couldn’t weightlift. I started doing at-home workouts through OBE Fitness (10/10 recommend) and realised that I could switch my mindset and do more pilates, HIIT, dance, cardio, whatever!! I didn’t have to just stick to weight-lifting.

I realised I tend to surround myself with people with this same mindset: coaches, personal trainers, fitness influencers – people who like to keep moving and that encourage others to keep moving and to be healthy and active. These are my kind of people. In my virtual assistance work, I look for people who are coaches or fitness professionals because they encourage others to grow while still working on ways to help themselves grow – that growth mindset. I want to be surrounded with more people like this and work with more people like this. Eventually I would love to get my CERT III/IV in personal training…so we’ll see if I ever get to go down that path.

FOUR – I started using the phrase “live your best life” sarcastically…but it just kind of stuck

Whenever somebody asked me how I was doing my response was automatically “I’m living my best life” and like 99% of the time I was being completely sarcastic because I would say this and simultaneously be having a breakdown, but it just…stuck.

I strive to live my best life even though I fall short daily, but I still try to do so anyway and I encourage my friends, clients, and family to do the same. Living your best life means that you’re doing the best for you: in your physical health, in your mental health, in your relationships, in your self-care time. Living your best life looks different for everyone, but I think it’s something everyone should strive for in order to feel that balance throughout their life. I like to ask new clients or my friends: “how are you living your best life?” or “what does your best life look like?” as a virtual assistant or executive assistant or personal assistant, it’s important that I can do what I can to make sure this attainable and within reach for all my clients, and that I’m doing this for my friends, as well. I use it in my professional statement so that people know that work/life balance is so, so important to me and that I want to help people achieve this as much as possible!

FIVE – I really am constantly looking for new ways to advance my professional growth (and make me irreplaceable)

In this job market, you have to have at least one thing that helps you stand out: a good resume, a fun fact, an amazing achievement, an infallible work ethic…just find something that people can hold onto and remember you by! I should have known by my 5 Strengths results that as a “Philomath,” my objective is to learn new things. I am curious about how things work around me and I always want to know more and advance my knowledge if I can. If any of the skills I learn or takeaway from a new course or program makes me irreplaceable or sets me apart from the job pool – that’s just a plus for me.

At any one point I always have something coming up: I am in The Start program with Sara Wiles, I am near the end of my 10-Days to Monetize your Small Audience on Instagram challenge with the Boss Babes Co., and I am looking into getting my Master’s in Business Administration in 2021/2022. I just like learning new things, but I’m also in a position that, because I like what I do for work, I am always looking for ways to grow and stay in this field.

Find the job you like to do and find ways to make money in that area. After working at least 2 jobs that I hated and that absolutely drained me, I hope I never have to do those dead-end jobs again because I know what I like and I set myself up for those standards so I can continue doing what I like – even if that means taking some temp jobs here and there.

Yay! Those are 5 things about me (professionally). I hope that gives you all some better insight on who I am when I’m not writing a food blog but focused on my professional career and how much of an impact food, I meanGOOD food, makes on my every day life. I expect nothing less!

If I missed anything or if you want to know more about me, please feel free to reach out here, or on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back this weekend with a new foodie post!


Author: Claire Elizabeth

My name is Claire Elizabeth and welcome to my lemon zest life! It all started back in 2015 when I began creating healthy recipes to support my busy lifestyle between the gym, full-time work, and full-time university. Four years later I have updated my healthy recipes but am still living that busy lifestyle. This is catered for the full-time employees, students, parents, and everyone in between that lives a lemon zest life, like me. xo.🍋 ​

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