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Youfoodz Review

YAY! Another bonus blog post going up 😊

Last week Blake and I tried Youfoodz. It’s a food delivery service that drops off healthy, pre-made meals to your door on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday (we opted for a Monday delivery). We found a discount code online that included 10 meals for $69.99 + plus free delivery, which meant each meal was about $7. So here’s how that week went! (my meals only, Blake would already be eating his before I could take a picture 😉)

On a regular week, Blake and I go grocery shopping on Sunday and the occasional Wednesday for minor ingredients. Our typical list includes: chicken (breast and minced, or sausages), rice or pasta, wholegrain wraps, a fruit for the week (usually apples, oranges, or bananas), some mixed nuts and/or popcorn for snacks, Oat milk (always always get oat milk), eggs, and sometimes bread. Irregular items include: cereal, sauces, cheese, chips, chocolate….the occasional ice cream. Altogether we pay around $120-$150/week for meals (and this doesn’t include when we get date night dinner or eat out for lunch 1-2x/week). We wanted to try the meal delivery to see if it was cheaper, healthier, and make us feel a little better. (tbh, quarantine has been rough and I feel pretty gross most of the time and this was an attempt to prevent that)

Meal 1: Salmon Dill w/Sweet Potato Mash

Before: Salmon, Dill Sauce, Green Peas, Sweet Potato Mash

Overall rating: 7

I am not a fan of sweet potatoes, but it wasn’t bad. Just not my favorite. I love salmon and the dill and the sauce was really nice so I don’t really have complaints. I felt satisfied with the meal after eating and didn’t feel snacky

Meal 2: Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni

Before: 2 Cannelloni tubes, creamy mushroom sauce, broccoli, spinach & ricotta sauce

Overall Rating: 10

I HATE broccoli (this is not an exaggeration, I will not apologize). But the creamy mushroom sauce with the broccoli was a winner (honestly thank goodness, I had my doubts). Also, I really enjoyed the two cannelloni tubes (see my cannelloni recipe which is definitely not healthy and 100% not served alongside broccoli). I felt satisfied but not overly full.

Meal 3: Country Chicken & Pumpkin Mash

Before: Pumpkin Mash, Chicken, Red Pepper Sauce

Overall Rating: 2

I couldn’t even eat this meal. I mean, just look at the picture people. I gave it a 2 because the pumpkin mash was decent, but I could not get over the red capsicum soup…sorr

Meal 4: Mexibeans & Quinoa Brown Rice

Before: Brown/Quinoa Mix, Sour Cream, Bean Chili w/Celery

Overall Rating: 9

This was one of my favorite meals and I am so bummed I didn’t get an after picture. I actually warmed this up immediately after disliking the country chicken so I was already way hungry. I added a tortilla on the side, disregarded the sour cream, and just enjoyed it like a burrito bowl. There was a bit of a spice kick which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt completely satisfied after the meal. My only complaint was that it lacked a protein (chicken or turkey). I knew it was vegetarian, but it didn’t have enough beans to be completely filling – hence the tortilla.

Meal 5: Buffalo Chicken & Slaw

Before: Buffalo Chicken Bites, Chipotle Aioli Sauce, Cauliflower Rice and Cabbage Slaw

Overall Rating: 8

This meal was also really tasty. The chicken was not as crunchy as I thought and for my first time having cauliflower rice I was slightly annoyed it tasted so…bland and there was not enough sauce to mix it all together. The Chipotle Aioli was pretty great and I was overall satisfied with this meal.


So Blake and I actually ordered 20 meals for this week too, but we just doubled or tripled up the meals we liked from last week and listen….I can only eat so much sweet potato mash and broccoli. I am slightly over it midway through the week, but I do feel significantly lighter, not as bloated and more balanced. I like all the different flavors we got to try and the different meals. Blake hates salmon so I am really happy I got to have some fish back in my diet this week. Also I have actually really enjoyed not making dinner, it means I can focus on the fun stuff…like baking cookies and trying homemade cinnamon rolls (see, balance).

My only complaint is the lack of a bigger meal. I mean sure, when you’re really hungry you can just pick out one with more calories and even though I was satisfied, if I did a big workout or walk, I might still be snacky and those meals didn’t cover that additional hunger. Also, they don’t add new meals, so the ones we got were basically the only ones they had. Also, it turned out to be significantly more expensive to try and cover all meals by just using the delivery service. I mean like $189 for 20 meals, so about $90/each and that didn’t include the breakfast we also needed in addition. Blake and I could make meals we actually enjoy for cheaper…which we have decided we will do from here on out.

My next post will be going up on Saturday AEST, so be sure to check back in. I am posting little hints each day this week in my story on Instagram, so you can find that there as well! As always, please be sure to subscribe to get updates and the monthly newsletter, and be sure to follow the instagram for all quick recipes that I don’t put here 😊


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