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BONUS Blog: Which Productivity Planner is Best for You?

Hello!! Welcome to my first ever bonus blog.
Halfway through writing my 90-day post, I realized I wanted to expand it a little bit to include my favorite journal and compare some of the big planners out there for better reference. Hopefully this helps you find your next journal.
Now, I know it is almost May, but there is nothing like getting a new, fresh start halfway through the year (especially with the way this year has been, amirite), and these are not any ordinary day-to-day planners – I want to focus on productivity planners.

A productivity planner focuses on just that: productivity. Whether it is monitored day-to-day or week-to-week, whether it is measured in hours or by hobbies, a productivity planner goes above and beyond your daily agenda.

In this blog, I am going to review a total of 4 that I have used in my experience and tell you which one is my favorite (which if you don’t know by now, welcome you must be new around here 😉)

1. Dailygreatness ($49.95 USD)

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Link here

  • Pros:
    • Covers the entire year
    • Includes a daily, weekly, monthly spread
    • Has words of encouragements and strong mantras
    • Room for reflection and growth
    • 90-Day Goals and ‘Greatness Blueprint’ for learning how to set goals, how to write them, and how to stick to them
      Space for daily schedules and time-blocking
    • Price is reasonable considering you get the entire year plus tons of content
  • Cons:
    • It is a rather large book (does not fit in my purse and takes space in my bag)
    • It can be overwhelming if you have never used a productivity planner
    • It is really detailed and forces you to focus on planning and journaling
    • Takes time to fill out the daily portion
  • Why I Loved It:
    • I can reflect on every day
    • I can still write in my daily schedule despite the focus on productivity
    • It keeps me on track towards my goals and wishes
    • There are more than one type of planner available and they are all really useful
    • This is the first productivity planner to really make me pause, reflect, write, and monitor growth (in a positive way)
    • BONUS: I’m an affiliate 😊Find my link for a discount here

2. Best Self Co. ($31.99 USD)

Discount Code: CLAIRELIZ
Link Here

  • Pros:
    • Small enough to take everywhere
    • Has a daily, weekly, and monthly spread
    • Focuses on short-term goals
    • Space for habit tracking
    • Space for daily moods/emotions tracking
    • Space for daily schedules and time blocking
    • Focuses on the 90-day method
    • Reasonably priced journal for 3 months
  • Cons:
    • Only includes 3 months in one journal (exactly 90 days)
    • In order to have a journal for the year, you need to purchase 4 ($31.99 x 4)
    • Not as detailed
    • This one did not focus on longterm goals
  • Why I Loved It:
    • It is small enough to take with me in my purse and work on in my spare time
    • It was a great introduction layout for a productivity planner
    • It helped keep me on track in the short-term (like day-to-day and week-to-week)
    • It was nice to be able to track my hobbies and establish good habits while using this journal
    • It’s a good introduction to productivity planning
    • BONUS: Find a little 15% off discount using my code: claireliz

3. Panda Planner ($24.97 USD+)

  • Pros:
    • Easy to understand and incorporate into daily life
    • Includes encouraging mantras and reminders as motivations
    • Multiple types are available for anyone’s preference (a yearly one, a weekly one, a monthly one)
    • There are 5 versions: PRO, Weekly, Classic, Venture, VIA – each serves a unique purpose
    • Great for someone with a busy schedule who wants to be productive, but does not have the time to fill it out
  • Cons:
    • Smaller journals broken down into individual months, if you want one with all the things (months, weeks, days, etc.) you have to purchase multiple ones at once
    • The smallest one is $24, making it a little pricey for a 3-month journal with little content
    • The terms of usage are a little vague (you get more if you use it less, you get less if you use it more)
  • Why I Loved It:
    • A previous boss used this to keep himself on track and would send me pictures of it everyday to time-block his calendar. It was easy to read and understand
    • This is a great starting point fo habit-building and character growth

4. Passion Planner ($7.00 USD+)

  • Pros
    • The yearly planner is CHEAP (like $7) and they have constant sales on their other journals
    • The outside cover is beautiful and also durable
    • They have free downloadable pages to test and see before buying
    • They have a planner dedicated to Academic Productivity (ya love to see that)
    • They have an undated planner so you can start whatever day of the year
    • They have a great giveback program for their planners and school supplies
  • Cons
    • They are a growing business/brand, so they are still working through minor kinks
    • The ‘elite’ version of the planner is $80, so it is pricey for the content
    • Spacing is a little small, so if you write big or have large letters, the spacing might be inconvenient
    • More academic-focused rather than personality/character building
  • Why I Loved It
    • The layout is fun and engaging, making it exciting to journal and keep track
    • The journal itself is durable and made out of great quality materials
    • They are very detailed and more productivity-focused than motivation-focused or mantra-focused
    • They have a self-reflection section and tons of space for ideas and thoughts, making it a really flexible layout

Okay! There is all 4 productivity planners. I have used all 4 of them and absolutely loved each one but I ultimately decided to use Dailygreatness in the long run because it aligned with my goals and also is keeping me accountable. Also, Dailygreatness has so many options fit for a wide variety of goals that I know if my vision changes or if my goals change, another journal will fit perfectly.

I know I touched briefly on this in the last post, but journaling is such a great way to gain accountability and focus on habit-blocking. Journaling is really personal and can be really beneficial for mental health and personal growth and I cannot stress enough how rewarding it can be to finish a journal and look back on all your progress (or lack thereof, which happens).

Let me know if you have any questions or want further explanations, I can talk about this subject NONSTOP.

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