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How to be Grateful for Your Job (even if you don’t entirely love it)

Welcome back and happy Thanksgiving 🤩

While I’m sitting here watching the analytics of all the Black Friday launches of my clients and waiting for my stuffing to cook for the proper Aussie Thanksgiving I’m hosting tomorrow, I thought I would pop in with a quick post about one of my new favourite topics:

How to be grateful for your job

I absolutely love my job….now. I mean I have my own business, I would hope that I love my job. I am definitely operating within my zone of genius (more on this next week), but I didn’t always love work.

JK, I have always loved work

I love being busy, I love helping with all the things, and I love inserting myself into situations that stress me out…you know just fun, work things. I tend to put my worth into the work I do which is something I am working on with my business coach and within myself, but regardless, I just like working.

HOWEVER, I know not everyone loves work – especially their job. I completely understand the feeling of being wasted in a position and absolutely dreading going to work every day. The 9-5 lifestyle didn’t work for me no matter how much I wanted it to, and that’s okay. BUT I did put in an honest effort at every position I’ve ever had, and trust me, there’s been a fair share.

My first job ever: fresh 17-years-old (literally day of my birthday) at an ice cream shop, making liquid nitrogen ice cream. I was training people after 6 months!! LOL
I learned so much about customer service and how to tell when I was being sexually harassed by my boss…yeah, that place isn’t there anymore.

I then started working as a hostess at a restaurant. This was a nice interim job while I finished high school

Then I got my dream job at a law firm when I was 18. I LOVED that job. I learned all the things: customer service, confidentiality, management, professional communication, legal research, receptionist duties, my love for organisation and filing…I was there for almost 3 years. Then left when it became a little too personal and overwhelming while I finished school…That didn’t account for it being my 3rd simultaneous job as I worked at the law firm, in luxury retail at Burberry, and at a financial firm…in 3 different cities. Sometimes I worked all 3 in one day. So yes, my work ethic is kind of infallible to a fault, I can’t say no.

After I left those 3 jobs when I graduated, I started work in the public sector for the county government in the Department of Behavioral Health. This position changed everything for me.

I always tolerated work – even if I didn’t necessarily love it. It’s just a job, after all.

But this position was so personal, it was so toxic for me trying to find my career, and it was so…slow. I needed more. So I started working as a virtual assistant on the side, then as a virtual manager at a recruiting firm, then I went fully into remote work with both positions.

The rest is history…my Australian temp job history is just a tad ridiculous, so I’ll skip it.

Here’s what I’ve learned after almost 7 years in the work force (which means also I’m going to be TWENTY-FOUR in April, which (don’t roll your eyes) just feels old)

Being grateful and reminding yourself to feel gratitude is the secret to job happiness and longevity – if you hate your job and you’re also not thankful for it, every day is going to be super difficult. SO, here’s some tips on how to be grateful for your job, even if you don’t entirely love it.

At the end of the day, you close your laptop, shut down your computer, turn off your phone (however you unplug), and the job is done for the day. While I am still working on separating my worth from my job, I can safely say at least I know, at the end of the day, my job is just a job. When I’m done for the day it’s done.
Learn to separate your personal life from your work life and you will always find a safe space outside of a job that you can’t stand

If you establish a routine, you start to allow yourself to operate on ‘autopilot.’ You wake up, have breakfast, get ready, go to work, task #1, task #2, task #3, lunch break, etc.
If you fit work into your routine, it just becomes part of your every day instead of something that affects your every day. You go every day, you kinda have to go every day, don’t fight it, just include it into your routine and allow yourself to work day-to-day without any extra dislike toward your job. If you begin to normalise this process, it just begins to be a regular routine. This also helps take away some of the dread you may feel toward your day

This may be a personal thing, but I start to hate my job when I feel stuck. If this is you, you will find more fulfillment and ability to tolerate your job, if you are working toward something. It doesn’t have to be a promotion or more money either! It could be a faster typing rate (LOL is that also just a me thing?), it could be learning something new, doing a new training, taking on a new responsibility, etc. Set yourself up for success by setting goals and then, as you always should, celebrate your successes when you do something new. Unstick yourself.

Really ask yourself: why don’t I like my job? Is it the people? Is it the environment? Is it the commute? Is it the work you do? Believe it or not, all of these aspects have a solution!! But, you must first figure out which one of these things it is before working on that solution.

If you don’t have a safe space or anything else going on and all you have is your job, it’s a sure way to experience burnout and boredom. Finding a hobby is a great way to release tension from work and truly allow yourself to rest. When I was really unhappy in my job, I started my blog 😊 It was the perfect way to be creative and have an outlet outside of a job I didn’t like

Okay, those are my top tips to how to be grateful for your job, even if you don’t entirely love it. It’s all about separating your personal life from your professional life and finding things that make you happy because at the end of the day, you kinda have to work (unless you married rich…then lucky you)

I have a special post coming out this weekend all about my first proper Aussie Thanksgiving that I’m so excited to talk about!!

Talk soon and happy Thanksgiving.


Author: Claire Elizabeth

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