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How to get Sh*t Done (Based on your Personality Type)

Hi Zesties! I figured it was time I put my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Management to good use. I love love psychology and figuring out why people do what they do (see: obsessed with true crime) and how they function (see: concentration in management). I really believe that incorporating psychology into the hiring process and utilizing this knowledge as a manager helps makes efficient business decisions and can help employees achieve their full potential in the workforce. Someday when I am a high-performing Personal Assistant/Office Manager, I’ll refer back to this post to help with my managing decisions and employees, but for now, I put it out there for all of you.
This is the first blog post I have EXTENSIVELY researched and edited, I wanted this to be as accurate and useful as possible. As I figure out more of how this blog grows, I realize part of it is helping you (the reader) learn how to live your very best lemon zest life and what that looks like, so I hope you find this useful 😊

While many people will be returning to work, are looking for work, or have already returned to work, this is the right time to upskill your work attitude and ethic.

BEFORE YOU START (if you don’t already know your type) TAKE THIS TEST:

The Enneagram is one of my favorite personality tests. It includes 9 total types, but displays as a circle with 9 points. Each person has a dominant type, but can have a small percentage of the other types. That’s what makes this test and the answers a little more accurate than just one aspect in one category. It looks like this:

For example, my primary type is a three. My second biggest number is an eight and then third is two.
Based on this, I know I tend to be an achiever and this dictates decisions I make and how I reach this (whether I know I am doing this or not, also whether this is a good thing or not). So, once you know your type click on it below and head to your hot tips!!
(DISCLAIMER: I am not claiming to know you or your personality, but based on your Enneagram, these are the tips that work best for you. I spent countless hours on research, drafting, and editing to make this as accurate as possible.)

1. The Reformer

  1. Hey you #1, learn to relax! Your ambition and drive is a huge strength, but also keep in mind that your perfectionist attitude can be a negative and difficult to work with. Learn how to balance both sides in a way that is productive and efficient. Keep in mind the infamous quote: “Perfect is the enemy of good.” Know that your integrity is seen and shines through in your other strengths and having to draw out every task, gets you nowhere you want to be.
  2. You are not alone! You want things a certain way and you want to fix everything not done to that standard, but learn, instead, to teach others to do it that way so you can have it your way. You have people around you to help you and learning to trust and rely on others will you get so much further.
  3. Set your standards realistically! Before starting a task or a to-do list or project, really take a second to set the standard you are looking for. This ensure you are not doing too much, but also making this perfect to you.


  1. Hi #2, we all know you’re the most reliable and flexible so like just celebrate in silence. The thing about a two is that they are easily recognizable and able to provide and help in most aspects, you will get the attention and recognition you deserve without having to say a word. Your natural ability to empathize and show compassion is seen by others, so even when you feel like bragging, just know we all see you. You are seen. (even if it feels like you’re not)
  2. Not to be cliche, but just let it go. Since you tend to be very giving and loving, you may be ‘crossed’ or feel ‘put out’ when others don’t reflect this same energy. Learn to let it go, not everyone is as willing or easily giving as you (and this is a very very good thing). You have the ability to be efficient by just learning to move forward past minor indifferences.
  3. You can’t help with everything, so learn prioritization. I know you want to help and be able to be involved in everything, but you do best when you focus on your strengths. Learn what you do well and where you can provide best, and focus on those places. You won’t be very helpful if you stretch yourself too thin trying to get everything done.


  1. Hello all you fellow #3s, let’s start with an easy one: BE HONEST AND REALISTIC. I am mostly yelling at myself, sorry. Yes, we are very naturally authentic and always push our true selves forward – but this also means when we try to achieve everything, that authentic and true self is grumpy, irritable, and unable to achieve anything. Be realistic and honest about the goals you set and projects you take on, you can do a lot, but not everything.
  2. Basically, get it together with time management. You want to achieve everything like yesterday, it’s okay, literally same. But learn to focus on all your things, this includes taking the time for yourself and learning to relax. In your planner or calendar etc. time block! Set reminders! Something to keep you moving forward and not stuck on a task/project that will put you further behind your goals. You can achieve great things and be adaptable, but only if you give yourself the right amount of time.
  3. Do what you do for yourself and nobody else. I feel like this is pretty open and shut. You do what you do for yourself, you are naturally driven and inspired and use these strengths to your advantage. If you always do things for others’ approval you will never be truly satisfied and will be running toward unachievable goals.


  1. Hi all you unique 4s, let’s practice emotional intelligence. You feel everything: you are artistic and creative and a romantic, that’s great! But ya can’t be moody all the time and ya can’t wallow in self-pity. You are seen, your strengths are incredibly useful and once you know that we are all for you and not against you, you can accomplish so much. Also, while you may thrive on individuality and your uniqueness – don’t get caught up comparing yourself to other and watch yourself just thrive. We love to see a 4 grow!
  2. In a very nice way, learn a little self-discipline. As an artist and natural creative, it is easy to get distracted and just float through all tasks and projects without considering or making progress. This may work in some aspects, but when it needs to be done, use self-discipline and just get it done. Your creativity is so valuable and your individualism allows you to see things outside of a normal person, use this to your advantage and get it done by remaining disciplined. Learn to take the alone time you need to feel energized and refreshed, then get back out and do ya thing.
  3. One word: COMMIT! We get it 4, you always have a million things going on, always in the middle of one project and helping on another and leading one more. Learn to commit to maybe just a few things at time, and with that self-disciple, you will be able to use your strengths as strengths, not just attributes. We believe in you and your uniqueness.


  1. Hi 5 (see what I did there), you gotta learn to relax. You are so fiercely independent and intelligent that working with others that don’t match this energy can be too frustrating and debilitating to your personal progress. We get it, not everyone can be as observant as you, but that’s why you need to learn to relax. Allow yourself to feel emotions and take notice to the emotions around you. Being in touch with your emotional side, as well as your intellectual side, will open you up to so much more opportunity. Slow down, consider all your options, support your team, and just relax. Everything will get done, promise.
  2. While you are naturally trustworthy, you need to learn to trust. This again goes back to learning to relax, not everyone sees things the way you do, but trust that they will still support you and the things will still get accomplished. You are clever and investigative, you see things differently and are also naturally independent. People see those attributes and will learn to trust you naturally, lead by this and trust others to follow your lead.
  3. Part of being so observant and independent is that you tend to be outwardly judgmental, instead of using others to gauge your success, focus inward. Set your own standards for success and what this looks like to you, without others’ interference. I know it’s hard when you’re on a team, but if you trust and relax, you will find yourself moving so far because you learned to let go. It is almost impossible to get through this life on your own, so you gotta do what you gotta do – starting with yourself.


  1. Hello lovely 6s, while you may be a natural listener and friend, learn to focus on yourself. It can be easy to get lost in others’ emotions, especially as you have the ability to listen and be reliable, but don’t forget about your emotions and how you’re feeling. Learn to support yourself too, not just others around you. Sometimes, focusing on yourself over others is what you need to truly get sh*t done.
  2. While learning to focus, also learn to be present. Again, always giving yourself away to others by being a listener and supportive, can leave you feeling detached from how you feel. Don’t ignore your feelings by trying to be there for everyone. You have the innate ability to be 2 steps completely ahead of everyone, but remember where you are now. Use your problem-solving skills in the present to plan toward the future and watch how far you go.
  3. Simply put, control your anxieties. Same going with being present and focusing, controlling your emotions and your anxieties will help you be efficient and productive. I know you tend to see all side of a situation, but internally, this causes that anxiety that makes you feel like you have to figure out all the pieces. Learn to trust, be present, and problems will work themselves out with your help.


  1. Hello you little ball of energy #7, let’s get right to it: Don’t overextend. Your superpower being able to remain enthusiastic and willing to try all the things and do all the events is envious, but if you truly try everything the overexertion of energy and skill will leave you feeling burnt out. Do as much as humanly possible, but do it in a way that is productive and efficient, not over-the-top or useless that means you are unable to complete a task at all.
  2. Before taking off to conquer the world, listen thoroughly. You tend to be naturally skilled and versatile in most things, so taking off and starting a project without much instruction is in your nature – but it might lead to you needing to redo it a few times or having to correct a bunch of stuff. Listen before you leap and get more done the first time.
  3. Maybe just choose quality over quantity. I know you are bred to do everything and be involved in all the fun stuff, but choose quality (doing what you can best) over quantity (all the things). Seek adventures and follow spontaneity but choose the good, worthwhile ones.


  1. 8s, literally a 3s dark twin, learn to be a leader. You are naturally powerful and hard-working, but learn to challenge this energy into being a leader and being the boss – not challenging and stubborn. 8’s have the potential to rule the world, but they would do better if they led others along the way.
  2. Natural leaders attract a crowd, so learn to trust. You will always be surrounded by a crowd/group that will want to follow your lead, no matter what you do, but learning to trust and expand your circle (no matter how difficult that may be) will form the support you desire and the group that you want to have around you.
  3. You might be “the boss,” but you still need to keep an open mind. The world will always evolve and change around you, learn to adapt with it and learn as you go by keeping an open mind. Learn to have the willingness to take a step back and learn a new skill or broaden your perspective. Your strong-will can be interpreted as being stubborn, so make sure you have the ability and knowledge to differentiate between the two in a positive manner.


  1. Last but absolutely not least is our #9. You may be so calm, in fact, that you neglect your own needs – don’t do that. Learn to be a peacekeeper internally, as well as externally, in order to truly find the productivity and peace you need to operate in. If you’re not internally at ease, it is difficult for you to be the peacemaker in other peoples’ lives, and this may prevent you from reaching your potential.
  2. While you’re so busy keeping the world together, USE YOUR VOICE. If something encroaches on your internal peace, say something. If something is against external peace, say something. If something is preventing you from achieving your true potential and getting to where you need to go, do something. Don’t be so kind and considerate and thoughtful that you allow others to walk all over you. Don’t lose your internal peace trying to mediate everyone else’s.
  3. Another easy one: allow yourself to feel your emotions. When you get overwhelmed you may tend to shut down emotionally, blocking out all negative aspects, and refusing to move forward. This is actually preventing you from doing so! Allow yourself to experience all emotions (even the negative ones) so you can be altruistic to yourself and be your most authentic, calm self with others, too.

How accurate were your results?? I remember taking my Enneagram Test for the first time and was absolutely SHOCKED on how accurate they were and how much I resonated with my results. I can’t tell you the countless times I have overworked myself trying to meet a deadline or just trying to be liked by my peers. Of course, the Enneagram can be applied to so much more than just your career. Enneagrams can help decipher internal fears, external biases, and potential growth. I love looking at my personality types, seeing who is similar to me, and figuring out how to use this information to my advantage…maybe it’s just because I love psychology and the answers it provides.

Happy June! Can you believe we are halfway through the year? Where did those last few months go? (I mean we all know, but that’s okay I digress) This month is going to be filled with transitioning into the real world again and hopefully include some good news with upcoming events. I am in talks for a really great ambassador deal, a grand decision, and a residential upgrade. Not to give too much away and here’s to hoping things go my way…πŸ˜‰


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Pictures: Made by me in Canva, inspired by two main Instagram users – Sierra Mackenzie (@enneagramenthusiasm) and Erin Roach (@cathartic_word), colors chosen from Josh + Liz (@justmyeneeatype)
Edited by: Emily Villeneuve, studying in NYU (GET IT GIRL) for her M.A in General Psych with a focus on Clinical Psyh

Author: Claire Elizabeth

My name is Claire Elizabeth and welcome to my lemon zest life! It all started back in 2015 when I began creating healthy recipes to support my busy lifestyle between the gym, full-time work, and full-time university. Four years later I have updated my healthy recipes but am still living that busy lifestyle. This is catered for the full-time employees, students, parents, and everyone in between that lives a lemon zest life, like me. xo.πŸ‹ ​

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