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Knowrish Well Review!

Another BONUS BLOG Wednesday yay!
If you are an email subscriber (as you should be) you would have already been expecting this one, because this was such a big deal for me and the blog. I was sent the sample pack from Knowrish Well and after trying it I knew my readers had to get in on this company.

I decided to do a review for all of you to see how versatile each product is and how amazing their brand is, as well. Since I am writing this healthy wellness and lifestyle blog, their products are PERFECT for all of you. They add zest to your morning latte or smoothie or mac n’ cheese or oats. It is also a female-owned brand and you know I had to support that. They are located in Australia (YAY!) and have always been responsive to any questions and guarantee fast shipping. They are also available on Amazon, for all my American viewers, and I will add the links on where you can get everything. The title will also be a link to their website. As I go through each product I’ll tell you how I used it and my final thoughts.

Better Cheddar

Overall Rating: 10/10 (yes I mean it)

I don’t think I have ever given anything a 10 before, but let me tell you why this one really earned it. I LOVE cheese, I add cheese to almost any meal and (I used to) have to have my night cheese (yanno, just shredded cheese straight from the bag before bed). However, the older I get (23, getting up there) the more I am realizing dairy is having a negative effect on my body. It’s making me bloated, clogs me up, and just doesn’t make me feel great. When I found this “Better Cheddar” I was skeptical. I have had vegan cheese before and it never tasted good: it lacked cheesy flavour, was too powdery and didn’t mix/add well to recipes, and it was usually just all-around blah…but not this vegan cheese.
This vegan cheese is different! I made this vegan mac n’ cheese with oat (or any non-dairy) milk, margarine (or any non-dairy butter substitute) and a little salt/pepper and that is it. The cheese was MELTY and mixed perfectly with the milk and non-dairy margarine. It did not taste chalky or powdery, and it still had that cheesy flavour I love. Even Blake complimented the mac n’ cheese and he was more skeptical than I was!
If you are looking for a vegan cheese substitute, this is 100% the brand to buy. It won’t disappoint, and that is coming from a true cheese lover.
Here is the Amazon link for all my Americans – Better Cheddar ($10.95 c’mon what a deal!)

Beauty Nectar

Overall Rating: 7/10

Okay, this one I struggled with because you can’t really change this one up. You add it to your water and drink it daily, HOWEVER, it tastes great!! It also aids with hydration and is chock full of super antioxidants and vitamins to really give your insides and outsides that glow-y finish. Like I said, it tastes great (like a berry tea) and it has so many added benefits. It is a great replacement for your daily vitamin, for women especially. I cannot commit to taking a daily vitamin, but I take pre-workout every day and my BCAA’s every day, so adding one more drink to my daily routine was a no-brainer for me. It does make me feel better and makes my skin look better too, so if you’re looking for those glowy, refreshed feelings inside and out, this one is for you.
I also added it to green tea and that was AMAZING. It was so yummy and refreshing and I was still getting all the good stuff out of it too.
This is also sold exclusively through their website, so no Amazon link for this one. The price is a little high, but it is the equivalent of a good vitamin for hair, nails, skin, etc. so it is comparable.

Mystic Matcha Super Latte

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

I actually did buy this one in full size prior to trying it out again because it has been my go-to matcha powder. You know I love a good Iced Matcha Lattee (see my Drinks page) and I was using another brand previously that was okay. But once I tried this one, that included Ashwagandha and Schisandra, I stopped ordering from that other brand and started ordering here. In case you don’t know what those big words mean, Ashwagandha and Schisandra are “adaptogenic” herbs, usually from mushrooms, that help the body’s response to cope with stress. I can’t lie, when I have this matcha in the morning it’s like my usual high-stress energy levels just kinda…mellow out. Also, the additives have a really nice warm flavour, almost like cinnamon but a bit bolder and fuller, that really rounds out the entire latte and also cuts back on the usual matcha bitterness.
I made this ‘Blended Matcha Madness’ drink and when I tried it, I cried. It tastes like the Shamrock Shake that’s only available once per year for one month only exclusively through Macca’s…except, yanno this one is nice and filling and good for you. The Matcha is just subtle, not bitter or earth-y at all. Since I already bought this one and drink it just about everyday, as I come up with more recipes I will, of course, post them.
Overall, I highly recommend this for a nice zesty wake-up and yet…still calmness. Also, I used to pay almost $10 more for my matcha that didn’t include all the added benefits so the price is great for this too.

Gypsy Rose Latte

Overall Rating: 6/10

Okay first of all, I love that name. What a great twist on a true crime. Also, I tried this one twice: once just warmed with oat milk, then again in a smoothie. The taste is refreshing yet comforting, with strawberry and beetroot it tastes like fruit and refreshing, but the cinnamon and maca give it a comforting flavour. This is definitely a superfoods latte that is also sugar and caffeine-free. I was able to have this before bed, and felt like I slept more soundly through the night. It was a very nice, comforting latte.
The smoothie was also great! I made a ‘Berry Pie’ Smoothie, adding this latte powder for the added benefits and flavour enhancement…it worked! The smoothie was also really great, but focused on more of the strawberry flavours, so depending on how you use the powder, depends on which flavours you get to taste more of.

Golden State Super Latte

Overall: 6.5/10

This one is great for a smoothie or added to a protein bar, etc. but on its own, at least for me, it’s bitter and a bit spicy. I tried it in a single latte and again in a smoothie, the smoothie was GREAT, the latte was not so much (spicy-ish). BUT, to be fair, I have never been able to understand the hype behind a turmeric latte anyway. I even added Manuka Honey for a bit of sweetness, but with no luck. It just tastes better in a smoothie personally.
I also added it to some ‘power balls’ (Turmeric Tasty Treats). These were GOOD and such a satisfying snack. Having one or two fills me up and I don’t feel quite as snacky any more. I also don’t feel guilty for snacking (because it’s just a snack) because of all the good stuff: turmeric, cinnamon, pumpkin, ginger, and cayenne (just to name a few). Each ingredient does produce that spicy flavour, but the benefits are just too great to beat.
If you like turmeric lattes and all their added goodness and benefits, I highly recommend this latte powder that includes all the antioxidants and good stuff you are looking for!

Blue Dream Super Latte

Overall Review: 10/10

Another 10/10 powder. I opened the satchel and my mouth started watering, it smells sweet and delicious like blueberry ice cream. It truly smells like a dream. The consistency is NICE, it blends incredibly well into anything you add it to, the color is beautiful, and it is the definition of a healthy lifestyle. The ingredients are so simple: Butterfly Pea Flower (such a trending and super ingredients for obvious reasons), Maca, Inulin, and Lucuma. It is naturally sugar-free but still so sweet and delicious, it is also vegan and gluten-free. Literally cannot go wrong here.
I made these Blueberry Bliss Balls with the powder and I also made Blueberry Pie Overnight Oats. Cannot recommend this one enough for your morning latte, smoothies, etc. it is easy to add lots of recipes and has those extra good superfoods to go with it. I also saw a really great recipe adding this powder into homemade whipped cream, waffles, pancakes, using it as a dye for other health food recipes (monster cookies anyone??) Seriously, this powder is so fun and yummy, I recommend for all sorts of uses and consumption.

Shroom Brew Super Latte

Overall Rating: 4/10

Okay, this was the last one I did because it was…rough. I had tried it previously and it tastes very…herb-y and earth-y. It is the healthiest powder they make with adaptogenic properties like Ashwagandha and Astragalus, and it has many components of superfoods from mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Chaga. It has a warm flavour that is difficult to describe: kind of like cinnamon and a little caramel, but rich and warm. It tastes amazing in hot chocolate (which is how I used it). On its own, it has a very rich earth-y flavour that is warm and calming, not my personal favourite, but it is a great powder. The texture is fine, it blends and mixes well, and you don’t really need to add any sweetener as it is actually sugar-free and pretty sweet on its own.
I added this to granola AND LOVED IT. The granola was sweet and cinnamon-y, very warm and comforting and so flavourful. I added some chai powder and cinnamon and it paired so nicely with the Shroom Brew powder, I ate one bite out of the oven and just beamed: this is some good granola (find the recipe here)
I recommend this one if you love those warm notes of cinnamon, Ashwagandha, and caramel, and if you want some extra zest in the morning. You won’t experience the caffeine crash in the afternoon because, despite it being a stimulant, it is actually caffeine-free and a natural stimulant.
I also drank my hot chocolate in the early evening (4/5pm) and was asleep by my normal time. I also had a really great night of sleep I am contributing to that Shroom Brew Latte powder.
It’s a great replacement for coffee and other sugary pick-me-up drinks.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

The company was a joy to work with and I am still so grateful and happy they agreed to let me do the post! I love creating and doing new things, trying new products, and reviewing them for all of you. Each product is definitely worth the money and is fun to use in your everyday life. They are super high quality, taste great, and each are a unique blend of superfoods and powders to truly add zest to your life. They are also an amazing Australian company that produces high quality products with health and wellness at the forefront, and we love to support those companies!
As you know, I already ordered the Mystic Matcha powder (again) and use it almost daily, so these reviews are all totally honest and of my pure opinion. After writing and using each powder, I realised how boring these recipes and how versatile each powder is! I cannot recommend enough and hope you give it a try.


Disclosure: I am not financially affiliated with this brand and was not paid to do this post. This is an honest, thorough review of my experience with the products and the company.

Author: Claire Elizabeth

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