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There is so much more to living your best life beside food!

I love food, but I also love helping my readers out with a little more behind-the-scenes of all the foodie madness. There is so much more to being healthy and living your best life beside food (shocking, I know)

How to be Grateful for Your Job (even if you don’t entirely love it)

Welcome back and happy Thanksgiving 🤩 While I’m sitting here watching the analytics of all the Black Friday launches of my clients and waiting for my stuffing to cook for the proper Aussie Thanksgiving I’m hosting tomorrow, I thought I would pop in with a quick post about one of my new favourite topics: HowContinueHow to be Grateful for Your Job (even if you don’t entirely love it)

How to Timeblock Your Day (Efficiently)

Hey there, happy Working Wellness Wednesday!!I talk about ‘timeblocking’ your calendar ALL THE TIME – but it’s time I finally explain what that is and the most efficient way to get the most of your time – 5 easy steps Step 1: Important Stuff This is the stuff that can’t be moved (meetings, calls, appointments,ContinueHow to Timeblock Your Day (Efficiently)

A Day in the Life

Hey there, happy Wednesday!! Wanted to switch things up this week with a fun little ‘Day in the Life’ post now that I am officially booked out with clients and am working 40+ hours a week, which, and I’m not being sarcastic here, I am SO EXCITED ABOUT 🤩 I write a lot about whyContinueA Day in the Life

How to Show Up as Your Best Self

Hey there, welcome back and happy Mental Health Awareness Week! If you haven’t been keeping up on my Instagram page, I have been posting a new tip each day on how to get through tough weeks and how to make your mental health a priority week in and week out. I am commemorating this asContinueHow to Show Up as Your Best Self

So I Started a Business

Well here it is!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #1 (YES THERE’S 2 THIS MONTH) Let me take you back to December 2019. I had just moved to Australia. Here, I was meant to live my best life and work my dream job in a big office in the city and be financially stable and happy. 96 jobContinueSo I Started a Business

Final Thoughts (Week 14)

Welcome back!! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, one day late is better than no days at all. About 7 weeks ago, I did a 7 week progress report post about my journey back into the gym, the foods I was eating, and how I was trying to lose my quarantine-nineteen. 7ContinueFinal Thoughts (Week 14)

Optimize your Office Space

Hello and welcome to my first WORKING WELLNESS WEDNESDAY 🤩 Since kind of switching career paths this year, I thought it would be beneficial to start to include some more about wellness & work! I started my career work pretty young, I was 17 when I started working in an office and I loved almostContinueOptimize your Office Space

5 Things About Me (Professionally)

Hey there, as most of you all know by now…I’m Claire 🤩 But as I have undertaken quite a lot of GROWTH lately (hey all you new zesties). I thought it appropriate to re-introduce myself to the blog as I am also going to start including more about my professional life and aspirations in myContinue5 Things About Me (Professionally)


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