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My Week with Home Chef

Hello and welcome back! This week’s surprise included cooking with a companion: Home Chef!
Just like I did with Green Chef, I will be reviewing each meal on a scale of 1-10 😊

I added an extra meal for an extra fee.

With Blake being gone I realized I make too much food for one person; which is great because left-overs, but also not so much because I struggle to eat the same thing for more than 2 days in a row.
I thought I would try something different this week. I loved using Green Chef a few months ago and Groupon was having a SALE: I paid $18 (plus a small fee for the extra meal) for 3 meals/week for 2 people (6 meals total). For one person this looked like: 1 meal/night and 3-4 lunches or dinners.
It was a great money saver and I got to try some new things!

This week’s post will include the before-and-after of the food and a thorough review.

Avocado and Tofu Sushi Bowls


Overall: 5

It was quick to make, incredibly easy recipe to use and understand, and actually really yummy. Also, as an added bonus, I had a lot of leftovers. It only took about 15 minutes total (including cooking the sushi rice). Yet, the avocado that was included was not ripe, so I had to use my own in place. The sauces and marinades required many bowls which meant many dishes to wash, and the vinaigrette was cucumber-flavored which I am not a fan of already. Maybe in the future I will use my own sauces/vinaigrette? Mostly liked this one for the ease

(Supposed to be) Shrimp de Jonghe Pasta
(What I made) Lemony Shrimp Pasta Salad


Overall: 4

We love some good shrimp meals, yet, the recipe itself was complicated and heavy in dairy and cream and I just was not in the mood for it. Instead, I used the shrimp and tomatoes (and the now fresh avocado from yesterday’s recipe), the lemon from another recipe, and my own spices to create the shrimp pasta salad. It was so yummy, but definitely not what the recipe was supposed to make so, overall not great for Home Chef but great for me.

Chicken Parmesan Mini Flatbread


Overall: 7

This one was easy for a Friday night recipe and tasted similar enough to pizza that I enjoyed it; however, there was not enough ingredients or spices so I added my own to make up for it. Also the chicken that was included was not fresh and I couldn’t eat it. Once I pulled it out of the bag I realized it was…smelling funky and not quite right. So that was another ingredient that was unusable, unfortunately.

Overall Home Chef Rating: 5

Home Chef is supposed to be a great up-and-coming meal delivery service, however, I was not happy with it. I thought maybe I just picked the wrong meals or maybe I just chose wrong, but I am not sure almost 3 strikes in a row was only my fault.
I felt the ingredients were not top quality, the order came a day late and was left on my porch with no notice, and the recipes were either too difficult to understand or not clear on instruction.
With the price I was satisfied, but if I had spent maybe $10 more, I could have tried a better service with higher quality ingredients.

Thanks for reading the full review! Although I was not pleased with it, I might have just ordered the wrong meals. Groupon always has new deals on meal delivery services, so if you are looking to switch it up – use Groupon!

I will be out of town next week (Happy 4th of July!) and returning home the week after. I really enjoyed the new inspiration from new recipes and the price of getting to be creative, so I might try another meal service or just keep switching up my other meals. Keep posted for the next review and next new recipes.


Author: Claire Elizabeth

My name is Claire Elizabeth and welcome to my lemon zest life! It all started back in 2015 when I began creating healthy recipes to support my busy lifestyle between the gym, full-time work, and full-time university. Four years later I have updated my healthy recipes but am still living that busy lifestyle. This is catered for the full-time employees, students, parents, and everyone in between that lives a lemon zest life, like me. xo.🍋 ​

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