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Sprouts Grocery Haul

Hello!! Welcome back! I am so happy to be writing again. It has been a crazy few weeks since I last created a blog post so I am happy to be back writing about food.

So some background…
I moved back into my dad’s house. Not the most ideal situation: moving back into my parents house after living on my own for a year. Everyone has been extremely supportive and special shout out to everyone that reached out to me right now because I am not flexible with change -especially big life changes.
With moving back home, Blake also moved back home to Australia so equally as hard.

It has taken me a solid 3 weeks to get my feet on the ground, food-wise. Since I can’t cook as much as I used to and I am mostly cooking for one, I decided I would switch back to reviewing some of the things I am trying while in this period of transition until I can start baking/cooking again. This week, I tried out Sprouts for a full week!

For a total of $53.14, I purchased:

  • 3 Protein Drinks (Chocolate, Vanilla, Matcha) – Kiito
  • 2 One-Pan Meals (Shrimp Scampi, Pesto Chicken Pasta)
  • 2 Cartons of Blueberries
  • 1 Carton of Blackberries
  • 2 Bags of Popcorn (BOGO free!!)
  • 4 Individual Servings of Cashewgurt – Forager

How this broke down for me over the week –

Kiito Drinks with Berries

Matcha was not my favorite flavor, but the Chocolate Maca and Vanilla Ashwagandha were so yummy and actually really filling. Paired with some blueberries or blackberries, I was pretty satisfied until my afternoon snack (the Cashewgurt)

Pesto Pasta


I love pesto pasta already, so by default this was probably my favorite meal. I separated it into individual servings, so what I didn’t eat I saved and ate over the course of three days.
It covered my lunches/dinners until Thursday – which was perfect because Friday I treated myself to lunch out and since my sister got back today, we will be going out to dinner later.
So about $10 got me 4 meals – WORTH IT

Shrimp Scampi


I cooked the shrimp scampi in a giant pan (you can also bake in the oven). I also served over rice. I added absolutely nothing to this pre-made meal and it was so flavorful and yummy. The shrimp and veggies were fresh and the lemon added some great zest to the meal. What I didn’t finish for Monday’s dinner, I prepped and had for lunch over the next two days.
This was a little bit more at about $14 – I still got 4 meals though so…WORTH IT

At the end of the week, I compared this week’s spending to last week’s spending and ended up saving about $100 on food. Last week, I was not meal-prepping or buying food in bulk. I was basically stress eating whatever we had in the house and also eating out an insane amount. This week I feel so much better.

Next week I will be going to a new place, trying new foods, and reviewing them for anyone else out there that cooks for one or is feeling unmotivated to try new things.


Author: Claire Elizabeth

My name is Claire Elizabeth and welcome to my lemon zest life! It all started back in 2015 when I began creating healthy recipes to support my busy lifestyle between the gym, full-time work, and full-time university. Four years later I have updated my healthy recipes but am still living that busy lifestyle. This is catered for the full-time employees, students, parents, and everyone in between that lives a lemon zest life, like me. xo.🍋 ​

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