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Summer Smoothie Series

Every day this past week I have added a new smoothie recipe to the instagram page (@claireslemonzestlife)
I have to say each one is so YUMMY and filling and definitely right for the summer season. I do not have a lot to say this week because it has been one of those weeks, but I want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to experience these yummy smoothies. So, just enjoy the recipes below:

Strawberry Green Tea


Yellow Sting

Avocado Honey

Blueberry Green Tea

I got a new blender so it was about time I did a smoothie series! I love smoothies, they have so much room for ZEST. I’ll probably keep adding to my little smoothie series so be sure to keep checking the instagram and the blog!

I have another surprise (see my cooking with Green Chef post). Groupon was having a great deal and with it just being me at home, $18 for 6 meals was a STEAL

Check in next week to see the big reveal


Author: Claire Elizabeth

My name is Claire Elizabeth and welcome to my lemon zest life! It all started back in 2015 when I began creating healthy recipes to support my busy lifestyle between the gym, full-time work, and full-time university. Four years later I have updated my healthy recipes but am still living that busy lifestyle. This is catered for the full-time employees, students, parents, and everyone in between that lives a lemon zest life, like me. xo.šŸ‹ ā€‹

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