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White Wolf Review: Part 1

Welcome back Zesties and also…HAPPY BONUS BLOG WEDNESDAY!

I have protein almost every day, especially as I am going to the gym and because sometimes all I have time to grab is a protein shake and then go. I was using another brand (Blessed by EHPLabs) and it was…okay. I was using the Vegan Vanilla Chai and it’s a bit chalky and the flavor is really strong. It tastes good with coffee, but not on its own and its pretty limiting in terms of adding it to a smoothie or making a recipe with it…in comes White Wolf.

A friend recommended I try it and I am IMPRESSED. I can really only have vegan protein, the dairy in regular protein makes me feel bloated and not great, so I steer clear of it when possible. I have not been able to find a vegan protein that has a full flavour. Usually vegan protein tastes a bit ‘earthy’ like chalk, and it either completely lacks flavour or tastes too fake and exaggerated. White Wolf doesn’t have those problems.

This week’s review includes the “All-In-One Vegan Superfood Sampler Pack” which included four flavours. I’ll show you what it looks like, how I used it, and my final conclusion for all four.

Iced Coffee

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Iced Coffee was my FAVORITE out of the 4 of this sample pack. It tastes just like coffee and has none of the chalkiness or fake sweetness of usual protein powders. It’s a pea protein with added BCAAs (aids recovery and hydration) and superfoods (chia seeds, flaxseed, buckwheat, etc.) it’s also made with real Arabica coffee so it took the place of my morning coffee…which we love.
The texture was CREAMY like blended perfectly, not chunky or too dry. The smoothie had a wonderful consistency and the flavour was not overpowering at all.
If you are looking for a coffee replacement (I get most of my sugar from coffee in the morning too) this would be my go-to. I have nothing negative to say about this one.

French Vanilla

Overall Rating: 7/10

I’ll be honest, this vanilla was not my favourite. It was a little earthy, not chalky but it had a more prominent taste than I would have preferred.
The texture was still extremely fine, it blended well, was not chunky at all and still included the superfood blend that helped me feel refreshed and satisfied after my smoothie. I would not order this one individually, but it was still a high quality protein powder worth trying. Also, I know there is another vanilla I have yet to try, so I am holding out hope for that one.

Smooth Chocolate

Overall Rating: 8/10

This chocolate protein was pretty good. I just had it as a protein shake in the morning after my workout and it tasted just like chocolate milk, it was crazy. It had enough protein in it that it was satisfying as a meal on its own and it had the superfood blend needed to fill in all the blanks for other nutrients.
I knew there was another chocolate flavour I was going to try so I think this one was pretty neutral. It wasn’t amazing but it was still pretty good, and for being vegan it was perfect.

Salted Caramel

Overall Rating: 9/10

Okay this one gets a high score not because I just love caramel but because I was so impressed with the flavour! It was sweet, but didn’t taste fake or overpowering and the texture was perfect to just add to my usual iced coffee recipe.
I don’t think I could buy an entire tub of just salted caramel (I am seriously considering), but the flavour was so good! It tasted like a great sweet treat and the best part is: the sugar is very, very low like 1.2 g of sugar. Which was shocking because it’s the right amount of sweet. It also does have that sweet/salty taste so that isn’t a lie either.


OKAY! Those were the first 4 flavours/sample pack I tried. I will be back in two weeks with a review of the next 4, but so far I am in love!! I keep bragging about how great this protein powder is for a number of reasons and I will give you my final takeaway and review next week, but so far, I am very very impressed and satisfied.

For only $19.99 you can try all four of these flavours, so definitely try it if you’re looking to switch up your morning protein game.

DISCLOSURE: I am not sponsored or paid by this brand, this a totally honest review of my experience with their products and I am in no way affiliated or receiving compensation for this posting.


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