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White Wolf Review: Part 2

Hello and happy BONUS BLOG Thursday (day behind sorry)!

This week, taking you back to White Wolf using their ‘Natural & Lean Protein Sampler.’ First of all, we love this one because for only $19.99 you get to taste all 4 flavours, but you also get a free shaker. I love my shaker, it’s my favourite colour tiffany blue and it says ‘Wolf Pack’ on it. Feels very official. But we also love this because each protein powder was arguably better than the last. By the time I ordered a full-size protein flavour, it was hard to choose which one!

There are 4 flavours in this pack: French Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Caramel Swirl, and Banana Cinnamon. Same as my other reviews, I’ll go ahead and show you what the packet looked like, how I used it, and the overall review.

French Vanilla

Overall Review: 7/10

Okay, after trying both this one and the other vanilla flavour, the other one was my favourite (Creamy Vanilla). This one tasted a little too vanilla, kind of artificial and very sweet. I preferred the subtle vanilla flavour of the Creamy Vanilla more.
However, the texture was still incredible. It was a great consistency and did add some great thickness to my vanilla/orange protein smoothie. It still had all the great ingredients: pea protein and vegan proteins, natural flavours, gluten-free, AND this one included a bonus probiotic to aid with gut health and digestion. Also this smoothie tasted like a Creamsicle or an Orange Julius (you know the one).
If you are looking for a sweeter vanilla protein, this is the one to try. If you are trying for a more subtle vanilla, Creamy Vanilla is the way to go.

Banana Cinnamon

Overall Rating: 8/10

This one gets a high rating just for being delicious and having all the digestive goodness from the ‘Natural and Lean’ line. I made Banana Bread Overnight Oats with this one and was not disappointed. The protein was of such high quality and was very fine, making it easy to mix in with the other oat ingredients. It also made the oats so creamy and moist. Taking a bite in the morning truly did taste like banana bread.
White Wolf also reached out and suggested adding a shot of espresso with this flavour in the morning for an added kick. Not sure if I would do that just because the banana flavour was quite strong; but, adding this to oats was a super nice addition and curbed my cravings for a thick piece of banana bread. I also added it to a cinnamon/PB smoothie and that was also incredible.
If banana bread (or bananas in general) is your thing, this is the one for you.

Chocolate Malt

Overall Rating: 10/10

Yep, this is the one. The chocolate protein you have been looking for is White Wolf’s Chocolate Malt flavour. It is rich and creamy, the texture is so fine and easily blendable, and the flavour is not artificial or overpowering. I used it as a normal protein shake in the morning after a workout and was so pleasantly surprised! After the last chocolate flavour, Smooth Chocolate, I was excited to try this one. I was not expecting how good it was going to be!
This is actually the flavour that was recommended to me from a friend, she drinks this one almost every day she said, and I can see why! It tastes like chocolate milk with no protein aftertaste or artificial sweetness. Tastes like when you have a bowl of Cocoa Pops and the milk turns all chocolatey…yep, this tastes just like that.
I cannot recommend this enough. You know how every protein company has their basic chocolate flavour? This is the one to try (you can even sample it for $4.99AUD from their website)

Caramel Swirl

Overall Rating: 9/10

I thought the last caramel flavour, Salted Caramel, was good – but again, this one was better! It did not have any chalky consistency, was not too overpowering or sweet, and the quality just cannot be beat. I made a Caramel Frappe-kind of thing with it. It was my last one flavour to try and I thought: “If I have one more flavour of protein might as well be ice-blended and mixed with coffee” so there’s the recipe I used in the pictures. Not complicated, just espresso, oat milk, this protein powder, and some vanilla and WOW it tastes identical to your favourite ice-blended caramel drink. I really would have gotten carried away and added some whipped cream on top, but I digress.
This is the protein powder for you if you really like caramel. Again, I think I might get tired of caramel over time. I don’t usually have anything caramel-flavoured and usually lean toward just plain vanilla and chocolate; but, this is great to have if you drink coffee everyday and are looking for an added kick or some extra protein in your diet.

Overall Rating of White Wolf: 8.5/10

Okay, these were my final four flavours to try and I came to the conclusion:
White Wolf is the protein powder for me.
I was DYING for a vegan protein powder that was not chalky, overly sweet, too artificial, or too grainy. Each flavour I tried had great quality and flavour and I was not disappointed with any of them. While some were maybe not my favourite, I can’t argue that the quality was still good and each one was consistent.

I ended up purchasing the regular-sized Iced Coffee and will definitely be going back for the Creamy Vanilla. The company was extremely responsive to any questions I had, their website is also extremely easy to use and really informative, and their social media includes some great recipes and ideas. While I would love to provide you all with a discount code, this was an unsponsored, unaffiliated post. I purchased these samples on my own and did the blog post for the sole purpose of spreading awareness that there is a worthy vegan protein out there!

P.S I only reviewed the protein because that was missing from my daily ‘stack.’ I use another brand for my greens and preworkout and would love to do a review of that one, if it helps spread awareness for some really great greens and non-stim preworkout brands. White Wolf does have those available, as well, but I do have a discount code for the other brand I am using, so I will continue to use that for the time being……(but I would love to try White Wolf’s preworkout and greens line so…White Wolf please sponsor me in my weightloss journey okay thanks)

If you tried White Wolf and loved it, let me know! I love to hear about your experiences with things I recommend/review or recipes I make. Thanks so much for reading and checking in and make sure to check back in on Saturday for a new recipe


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